Please understand that all REIKAMI’s Jewelry are handmade, and handmade items may have some imperfections. For example, it may have some bubbles, dusts, hurts, or scratches. Moreover, Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers for your different screens and resolutions, the display colors and characteristics of item may be different. On the other hand, some items will be produced upon order collected. The end items received may not be 100% the same as the product photos. 

All REIKAMI’s Jewelry items have natural and unique imperfections. They are produced full of Love and Care from our Creative Designers.


All of our REIKAMI’s Jewelry show its materials on its product’ s page. For example, our Gold Ribbon Series is using 18K Gold-Plated materials. However, we’re strongly recommend you to take good care of your Jewelry to make it will shine for years.

Here got some Tips for caring for the Jewelry: Avoid wearing Jewelry in the shower, ocean, swimming pools, etc./ Natural stones are delicate, excessive heat from the sun can damage stones and pearls and can make them change color or even break./ Apply lotion, make-up, hair spray, and perfume prior to putting off your Jewelry avoiding direct contact./ Protect Jewelry from abrasive materials and chemicals./ Avoid alcohol contact with your Jewelry./ After each wear, gently wipe off any oils with a Jewelry cloth and store in a Jewelry box or pouch./ Jewelry should be stored separately from other Jewelry to prevent scratches.


For hygiene reasons, REIKAMI does not accept any return and exchange, but we will attend to all cases in a personalized way and

try to resolve any incident related to your order.

In these cases, we will assist you through the email enquiry.reikami@gmail.com where you can tell us your case and we will look for a possible solution.